The ocean’s slanted cheek

Bonjour-Hi, everyone!

Today we are having an extraordinary post, which is all about thinking. I realized that some of you, probably, wonder, how did I get to Canada, after all? I moved here almost three years ago to pursue my higher education. I chose Canada because it seemed as the best alternative to costly UK & US universities, but at the same time at a high level of quality. I think another reason, why I preferred Canada over Europe, was the fact that it was something “sweet” to “taste for the first time. I love trying new things, and moving to an absolutely different continent was among them, on my non-existent list. Nevertheless, this “fruit” has already been tasted, and I would love to move to the rest of the desert, called “travelling” or “exploring the world” with the loved one. Long story short, in this post I will share with you my overall impression of Montreal and local people, again, and always, from the perspective of a foreign individual. 

Shall we begin?

Interesting fact: I did not have a chance to see Montreal in advance, thus, after I’ve got admitted to Concordia, I had to move without asking or knowing anything. For those, who are American: Canada is quite like the US; for those, who are from Europe: Canada is a completely different world. No, locals do not drive on the left hand-side of the road, but it is everything else that looks strange and “not like back home”. The first thing that seems so odd is the fact that to get back home you have to cross the Atlantic ocean. How far am I? Am I still on the same planet where I used to be? After you get used to the fact that you are closer to the North Pole than you are to your previous home, you realize how different the people are. I like Canadians, and memes don’t lie, they are, indeed, extra-polite, kind, and generous. People would say “Bonjour-Hi” as many times, as you would turn your head towards them. 

FYI: The phrase “Bonjour-Hi”, which is the combination of French and English greetings, is generally used in Canada, since the country has two official languages.

There are, however, some things, which seem very different. I have got inspired to write this post after my Geology class, which took place on Wednesday. My classmate, who was sitting right next to me, asked me to help her with the notes. She’s later guessed that my first language is Russian, judging by my accent and looks (Canadians are super relaxed, when it comes to choosing everyday outfits, compared to us). The classmate, in turn, was from Washington, DC. We were chatting about the process of adaptation to the local environment, when I’ve realized (not for the first time), how strongly cultures vary from one country to another. 

Although we are all humans, we are all different in every possible way. I like people, who can accept you as you are, and who can be who they really want to be. You do not have to necessarily like every single person, but you are free to do what you feel is best, not what others want to see from you. This is called freedom, whereas numerous individuals consider “going out with every single person on this Earth” to be the same thing (which is not). People from back home can hardly “free themselves”, and year by year forget who they really are deep inside. I have an experience of changing numerous schools, and, consequently, companies, too. By now, I have realized the importance of individualistic characteristics that each person possesses. No matter how cliche this sounds, but stay true to yourself, no matter what.

 The next difference is the lifestyle. I enjoy sharing pleasant moments with nice people, communicating, and living the life I enjoy. Although I have nothing against the “YOLO” and “drinking till passing out” types of persons, I would always go for board games, cozy convos, and travelling, over those “trendy” events. I would wake up at 5 a.m. simply to try parachuting (which, by the way, I seriously did) instead of partying an entire night in a club. I would spend weeks, learning how to dive in the Pacific Ocean, because the sea world to me is just like another Universe – all unknown and mysterious. I would leave home for months to travel the globe with my beloved, in order to see how marvellous our Earth is. I love the notion of living the healthy lifestyle not because it is “trendy” or an alternative to diets, but because I want to be my body’s best friend so that my heart & soul could open up for me.

After all, we are all people, some of whom wear their hearts on their sleeves, and some do not. I enjoy seeing how different each & every person is. By being who you are, you become brilliant, try listening to your heart, and it will tell you secrets it has never have before.

I hope you enjoyed my today’s blog, guys, the Russian version follows, subscribe to see more in the future, and don’t forget to share the love.

A Bientôt,




3 thoughts on “The ocean’s slanted cheek

  1. One of the things that I love the most about travel is immersing myself in a different culture. One of the reasons that I travel full-time is so that I can really ‘experience’ the difference the wonders that the world – and the people of the world – have to offer. I love your observations about the Canadians. You put it so succinctly – who is surprised that we are different when we live half a world away?!

    I am completely with you about getting up at 5am to experience something. Years ago, I toured Australia & NZ and was in the company of so many people who saw both countries either through a haze of alcohol or a hangover! What a SHAME!

    Thank you for sharing and I shall look forward to reading about your other experiences!

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