Scholars​ without Borders

Bonjour-Hi, everyone!

Unfortunately, I am not familiar with each and every one of you, however, I would guess that most of you enjoy travelling, and have an imaginary list of countries which you would love to visit someday, am I right? I hope so.

I believe travelling is one of the ways in which a person is actually able to progress and grow as an individual. Nowadays standards claim that your diploma is a primary determinant of your level of intelligence, however, this is not always true. An engineering diploma does not necessarily mean you have a broad horizon, neither it suggests that you are more intelligent than someone, who has not graduated in this major. Society pressures individuals making them “stagnate” by giving up their dreams, and rather dedicating themselves to jobs they don’t like. People think they have a right to decide what is best for everyone, and they dictate the rules. Would you disagree at this point, saying there are no rules? Numerous countries are called democratic republics, which promote freedom and liberalism, but is it actually true?

How much chance do you have of getting a job in any of these countries, if you have not complied with their requirements?

  • Do you have a job experience?
  • Have you completed a required degree?
  • Have you obtained expected qualifications?
  • Have you graduated from a well-known university?

“Unfortunately, we can’t give you the job you like, because we do not think you truly deserve it. Try something else what you do not care about. It is a job after all, you are not supposed to love it, for God’s sake!”

If your answer is no to all of these four questions, does this necessarily mean that you are not good at what you are doing? Or that someone is better than you?
No. Way. 

What happens next? People lose hope in life, feel lost and accept the first offer they get, independent of how bad a new workplace might be. All because they feel that they have to do what everyone else is doing. Society has an established set of rules, according to which they decide who deserves what.

I am not saying our generation should stop pursuing their learning, but shouldn’t we pursue our passions and dreams instead? Or are these two terms correlated, and you have no chance of realizing your life dreams without a proper level of education? I do think that knowledge we get at schools and universities helps us progress, should people sacrifice their lives, precious time and dozens of opportunities during a lifetime in order to do something that is felt right?

Does a person who has an accounting diploma know about the Earth we are living on, its beauty, the life in other spots of our planet?

It depends on the person, but the chances are low.

Does he spend hours and hours every day at the job he literally hates?

It depends on the person, but the chances are high.

It was supposed to be a short post dedicated to my travelling page with the photos attached, but I used this opportunity to wish each and every person reading this post: try taking the most out of your lives, and do not lose hope into yourself, no matter who dictates you the rules. This is our planet, and we are a single nation – the earthlings, with no division. Did you know that almost 70% of the Earth’s ocean is undiscovered? 14 people have been on the Moon while only 3 people have explored the Marian Trench. This might be a human nature – always seeking something new, ignoring the beauty of the things we possess. I wish every individual on our planet had a chance to travel without borders, without visas, and see every smallest part of the Earth. People do not need anyone’s permission to visit another part of the world, this is our planet. If there was no division on countries, there would be no war in the world, no global warming on the Earth, and no fatal diseases among human, as all of these factors are correlated.

This world was created for us to explore, and democracy lies under people’s rights to do so. 












4 thoughts on “Scholars​ without Borders

  1. I’m so glad I read this post. It relates to what I’ve been saying for so long! I didn’t get a degree in my chosen field. I never went to university. But I’m now in a job I love through pure dedication and getting experience along the way. All of my colleagues have a degree in something except me. It is possible! You just need to work hard, show your passion and get in touch with the right people 😊 thanks for a great read! ❤

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