Salam from Baku!

It is June 24th today, and I have just celebrated my 21st birthday. Hoorah! It is that kind of age when you still feel super excited about celebrating, rather than crying in the pillow. I have only one year left in my university, and at the moment I am having my summer vacations back home, in Baku city. Salam everyone!

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View from Hilton on Baku city

I had big plans for this summer. As a result, I frankly managed to get a position at Hilton Baku where I now apply my marketing skills to the real-life situations. I have also realized I can look super bossy with a suit on me. The next thing I did this summer, is the filming of my first vlog, which is already on my YouTube channel. The main idea of the vlog is to interview people from all over the world whilst travelling, to depict differences between different nations. By interviewing we can see how culture varies from one country to another. Everyone can observe monuments, museums and historic sites whilst travelling, but what about truly getting to know the culture of each country? I hope I will have lots of chances to meet people of different ethnicities and will gladly share it with you!

My Post-7

On June 2nd, I have visited the EuroVillage which was held on Baku Boulevard. The representatives of different European countries were showing the culture and national art of their countries. It was the cultural exhibition. There have also been traditional Azeri dances, various games and live concerts.

I won a German prize by participating in a competition, and answering the question: “Name one German actor/actress.” I have named Tiel Schweiger, obviously. Processed with VSCO with q5 preset

The next event I have visited was the Baku Food Festival held next to Qosa Qala – the Old City’s entrance. There were various stands which represented different food brands. By exploring the food fair, people can know more about products’ ingredients, current promotions, and try different samples. For example, I have seen Caramel Coca-Cola there, for the first time in my life. You can walk in the Old City, listen to live music, and try the food, what can be more satisfying?

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On June 19th, I have travelled to Qabala – one of Azerbaijan’s most beautiful cities. Qabala is located in 3-hour ride by car from Baku. It has many breath-grasping landscapes, and, as a consequence, lots of tourists as well. We have departed from Baku at 7 am and had 2 stops during the trip, to have some tea, and to eat some of the traditional Azeri kutabs. FYI, if you travel to Azerbaijan, you absolutely have to try kutabs. The next stop was in Qabala, on the Noxur lake, where we rode on the catamaran, explored the old  Nidj village, and the city of Oguz where we have watched the waterfall and walked through the forest. It is beautiful – only you, nature, and nothing else. It lets you rewind after the constant city centre hustle, and calm down the chaotic mind. The mountains, the rivers, the lakes, they open up for you and crave nothing in return. All they want from you is to enjoy the view. This is the true form of altruistic love.

The mountains, the rivers, the lakes, they open up for you and crave nothing in return. All they want from you is to enjoy the view. This is the true form of altruistic love. 

We returned back to Baku city late in the night, and the time flew by so fast I didn’t have time to realize that my birthday was coming. And then it has come! In contrast with most of my friends, who don’t really care about their birthdays, I always feel super excited about it and don’t want the day to end. This year, by a nice coincidence, the opening of one of Baku’s beaches – NOIZ, and my birthday, have fallen on the same day, and, as a result, I have celebrated it on the seaside! The opening featured Azeri rock group called Dada Baba, and various DJ’s who played techno music in the evening. People played volleyball, had fun swimming in the sea, played games on the sand, and danced under great music.

I am absolutely in Love with these memories and I hope I will have way more to remember! Hold on tight. How is your summer going? Do you have plans for it?

Make it work for you!

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